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There is a great allowing happening that is not the same as choosing.

Just because we allow for something does not mean that we choose it.

From really seeing something, hearing it, feeling it, allowing for it, comes the ability to choose something different.

It is through everything that the path leads forward.

To go through it, everything is heard, seen, felt, understood. Everything is ok.

And not everything is chosen.

To not allow for something keeps it at arms distance, just far enough away to save it for later. It’s ok to save things for later, yet they will stay on your periphery haunting you like ghosts of the unhealed unloved past.

We cannot move forward sustainably from a place of rejection.


Radical acceptance, which is the path of Love, is not the same as endorsement.

Endorsement says: I support all of your choices.

Acceptance says: I support you in being exactly where you are at right now, and continuing to grow, heal, and make choices that are even more in alignment with your most healthy self.

Endorsement says: Keep doing what you are doing.

Acceptance says: You are perfect, whole, and complete exactly as you are, AND there is more growth, healing, and evolution invited.


Allowing for the both/and of everything. You are perfect, whole, and complete exactly as you are, and, there is still growth, healing, and more becoming to experience. 


You are lovable exactly as you are, and there is still a path forward. 

Old unhealthy choices continue to be asked to clear, so that there is more room for greater well-being.


It is an old action within us to separate, to distance ourselves.

Radical acceptance of everything is paramount

Radical inclusion, listening, hearing it all, and learning from and with it

Where is there room to grow? What can be done better?

What more is needing integration? 

Can the adult self, the conscious one, tend and steward everything within to a greater space of harmony?

There are still the places within that never had a voice. They are still in old pattern. They are hurt, confused, angry, wounded, looking for all the reasons to pull away, to protect or defend, to create “safe” distance. 

Healthier choices, more sustainable choices, come from a place of healing and healing is the process of moving through everything with Love and learning.

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