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The Empress Sovereign

I used to identify a lot with my pain, my Venus in Scorpio. Tortured, twisted (deep inside) always the threads of dark deep blue running through my veins. What I had named my trauma lurked in shadows waiting to overwhelm at any moment.

One of the things I feel I've learned truly is that all of the terrain - inner and outer, highs-lows-sidewinds-clean-messy-gushing-precise - is profoundly useful in the coming into Self fully. And to the development of majestic capacity.

So, the pain still moves (often daily) yet it adds color and depth to the magic of full and alive presence - and once it has washed its way all the way into and out of and all the way through... there is perpetually more room for LOVE left in its washing. And now I always say yes to the LOVE. Always and in every place.

Having grown up and lived in California for all but a year of my life, I resonate deeply with the wild orange poppies popping out of all the cracks, the brown parched landscapes and the deep hidden wet places (in the physical landscape often called forests - with giant gorgeous beings called redwood trees). The pioneers, the outlaws, the innovators and free thinkers - these are the energies that I am and that have surrounded me my whole life.


In so many ways I have lived a boring and unboring life. I have lived as a professional musician, a personal trainer, an actress, a healer, a medium, a mother. All of these hats I've worn, intricately woven into the fabric of me. 


Motherhood and romantic relationship have been the hottest forge fires shaping me into the me that I am now, as well as into the me that I choose to become. 

Coming into my own Empress Sovereign (as you are as well, my dear Emperor or Empress) is what I name right now as my True North. I fill with my yeses and arrive into the world more and more as my fully alive, fully-in-my-choice Self.

In my working with others I support even more arrival of their fully alive, fully authentic, deep-resonant-YES Self and offer mirroring in the highest and sweetest capacity available.

Maybe we can breathe in sync together sometime soon... it is so exquisitely intimate... sharing breath with one another...

Enough about me, what about you?

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