About Me and The Freedom Path

I've been driven since a young age to figure life out. I brought some heavy karma with me in this lifetime, and for me, there's two ways to be in relationship with it all 1) be burdened by the pain and sadness and stay heavy in the old patterns or 2) utilize the opportunity presented by all of it and work with the patterns to heal. Since I turned 30, thick within my Saturn return, I've chosen #2. Over and over and over again.


The Freedom Path is not theoretical, it is applied knowledge. I've worked with this material for over a decade in my own life and with my friends, family, and clients. It works. It has helped all of us become more conscious, at choice, and lighter within everything. Old unhealthy patterns have melted away. New, fully chosen life is emerging. It's been a miracle to behold.

Pain pushes until vision pulls. And for most of my life, pain pushed me into all sorts of choices I didn't really want. Old beliefs, negative patterns, ancestral baggage; you name it, it was all dragging me down. My life felt like it was outside of my control. I had constant companions of guilt, blame, terrible sadness, sometimes explosive anger, doubt, mistrust, and really dysfunctional patterns of relating with myself, other people, and the Universe at large. As good as my life might have looked on the outside, inside I was a mess.

The vision that started to pull me, deep within my Saturn return, was that life didn't have to be this way. It could be lighter, freer, more loving and joyful. I saw myself unburdened by the legacy of darkness and felt the release and expansion that was possible. That summer in which this vision took place was one of deep and profound cathartic release. I cried tears that had been stuck inside me since I was a little girl, and the more I allowed the pain to flow through me and release, the more my greater vision could arrive and help lift me forward.

I have found, over and over again, that the way forward is through. Through the pain, through the yucky uncomfortable stuff, through the dysfunction, through the shadows. We bring our breath, our Love, our growing light, and our deepening connection to Source through all of these places with us. And more and more these places release, which means to stretch back out, and they fill with even greater compassion, more profound empathy, and a growing capacity to Love more than we've ever Loved before.

My own practice continues. I can finally say that some of the heaviest, yuckiest stuff inside me feels fully released, and one of the most amazing results of this healing, to me, is the profound sense of liberation that comes from the full meeting of self. There is nowhere left to hide, and from this resolution comes deep peace and the electric sensation of expansive freedom. 

I sincerely adore sharing this work with others, it is one of the greatest joys of my life. Helping people awaken to themselves and their greater creational nature is awe-inspiring. Helping Love them in their greatest places of pain is a gift. I am meant to do this; it vibrates alive in every cell of my being.

In 2017 I opened Breath+Oneness with my mother Leslie. We wanted to provide a sacred space for people to feel safe and held within while doing their healing work, and it has become this place for many already. If you are in the area, please come visit us and this sacred space; the vibration is palpable.

Light and love on your journey, friend 

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Santa Cruz, California