My name is Carrie Arlah and this work is a lot like traditional therapy or life coaching although it covers more bases and goes deeper and further. It's geared towards lasting positive change in every area of your life, supporting you in being truly free to live your highest vision. I offer in-person sessions near Santa Cruz, California as well as online and over the phone appointments. I work with people for a minimum of three months with the The Freedom Path coursework.


Welcome to The Freedom Path and to life coaching that's more like soul coaching.

The Freedom Path

Know yourself.

See the patterns.

Love & Liberate.

Everything is making its way home.

"For the first time, I am beginning to feel like MYSELF. I am clear, confident, relaxed, sure of what I want, embracing all of me, and unconcerned about what others think of me. All the old fears and programming are cleared or being cleared, and I am spring-boarding into the next phase of my life, which is charged with adventure."             -Bridget F.

Simply written, easy to read, and full of necessary understandings for the practice of life, The Freedom Path Textbook is our go-to primer.



Written to be worked while reading the textbook, the workbook supports your own process of inquiry, discovery, and evolution.


My name is Carrie Arlah and I am here to help you remember who you truly are and what this Universe truly is, from your own perspective, using your own words, and from your own greater space of Truth. I support you in naming your Truths and in learning yourself. The word spiritual points to the greater Truth of things and learning yourself within the cosmology of the greater whole. We will identify your historical limitations, your blocks, holds, constrictions, and other difficulties, while actively freeing and healing them. We will name what you are choosing to step into, and in every moment embolden you in doing so. You will become more and more the conscious, deliberate co-creator of your life with Source itself. Your wounds become your greatest spaces of liberation, and in freedom, you actively create something new. See the pattern, learn the pattern, Love the pattern, release the pattern.   LEARN MORE

Love & Liberate

Join me on a three month journey home to yourself.

The Freedom Path builds a foundation of understanding that supports you in subsequent months of practice and application. On this journey together you commit some specific things to me <see your commitments here>  and I commit some specific things to you <see my commitments here>.


Classes I Teach:


Connecting to Spirit

at Breath+Oneness in Capitola, Ca.

This class is devoted to connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and other highly developed helper beings of light. We practice opening, listening, hearing, and integrating that which Spirit has to show us and teach us.

Connecting to Spirit begins with music to raise the vibration of ourselves and the room, which then moves into discussion about various topics of safe and powerful spirit connection.

Carrie presents teachings on how to navigate spirit connection, with tips and tools that she’s learned over the past almost 20 years of mediumship.

The circle closes with a 30 minute meditation where participants practice sitting, listening, feeling, and developing greater and greater openness, receptivity, and relationship with Spirit.


To accept these things that feel unacceptable to you is to let them live in love. It is to surrender them over to Source. They are not yours to "fix." In your greatest embodiment of Source, you are not reacting to anything, even (and especially) when it feels necessary or justified. ​This can be coming from a "good" place yet the action of it is unintegrated...

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There is a great allowing happening that is not the same as choosing.

Just because we allow for something does not mean that we choose it.

From really seeing something, hearing it, feeling it, allowing for it, comes the ability to choose something different. It is through everything that the path leads forward...

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Source Is All There Is
Ground Into Mother Earth
Be Here Now
Let All Your Chakras Flow

Deep dive into yourself as the spiritual creator that you are 

Into the light, the shadow, and everything else

We bring compassionate awareness to all things and allow for everything

This is our path of remembering, and of making things whole again

If you have any questions, please write me here:

Light and love on your journey, friend 

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Santa Cruz, California