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FROM ME - 2017

Trust this process: of opening, unwinding, unfurling, and expanding into your deeper, truer, and more alive inner capacity.
Keep opening.
It’s messy, and gushes and sometimes feels unbearable.
Keep breathing.
And going deeper.
More and more inside, into the core of light and truth and deep surrendered trust and union into self held within the divine.
One with the milky sea of Oneness and connectedness, where all is lost and then remembered found and whole again.
This process, the path, is in opening deeper and deeper into profound release and letting go.
There is no knowing and no unknowing.
Only deep surrendered openness.
All things reconnected, vibrating in pure aliveness.
Sink in, even deeper.
Breathe into and through all of these places. Keep going deeper and letting go until there is only union and release.
All of it is perfect and whole, remembering it’s way home.
Everything is perfect and whole, remembering it’s way home.
There are so many moments, most, where there is nothing to be done.
Only opening, and allowing, and letting go.
Trust this process.
Keep trusting this process.
Keep breathing until everything is brought back to and with the flow of breath and life, all things deeply peaceful, all things reconnected whole.
Keep affirming what you know to be good, and true, and powerful, and Light.
In the unwinding there is usually much discomfort and it feels easy to shut things down again, to clench and tighten, to hold things in with an even firmer grip. Yet this is the disease that has lived in our system for ages. It is what causes the sadness, what causes the aloneness, what causes the pain and anger and stuckness in the old heavy patterns.
Breathe through the discomfort, even trust the discomfort.
Being uncomfortable in this work is a good sign. You are meeting the shadows.
Keep breathing into surrendered openness. There is nothing to be afraid of. All of it, everything, is Love, and all of it, everything, wants to come home. Open, and let it come home. Soften, and let it flow back into your bigger flow.
This process is the majestic unfurling of you becoming your star, like the stars we see in the heavens at night, and the stars that live in the center of each one of us. You becoming who you have always known yourself to be. You, who at your core, is infinitely bright, and light, and loving, and powerful. You who are perfectly and amazingly and uniquely you.
The unfurling allows what has been living in the shadows within to come forward. There is no more space to hide, no more room for darkness. There is only steadfast dedication to light and breath and wholeness. Only deep surrendered trust and release.
We are making our way home. All of us, we are making our way home. Everything within us, we are making our way home.
Keep breathing.
Keep opening.
Keep trusting the process.
Keep going deeper within until there in nothing left inside but powerful, radiant, vibrating starlight and you have remembered yourself home in every place that you are.

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