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The Healing Journey —
Shadow Work and Reclaiming the Dark Spaces

Everything we are doing here on Earth centers around us reclaiming what feel like the dark spaces within us. This requires two important actions: brightening our Light/developing our Love AND bringing this Light/Love into whatever feels dark, heavy, painful, and scary within us. There is not one person on planet Earth that gets to avoid their work of illuminating the shadows.


What shadows do you already know you have? What shadows have you been avoiding? What places of pain or discomfort come up for you in your life that it’s time to illuminate and bring wholeness to?


Every place of pain inside is desiring love and connection. Doing this work in an intimate group setting is especially powerful because the light energy of the group helps illuminate everything - moving things faster - and naturally adds to the experience of healing through the connection, acceptance, and wholeness that loving interaction with other beings brings.


Heal, whole, and holy are all the same word. We are remembering our wholeness and sacredness in every place within us, and allowing others on similar journeys to support us through our own reclamation process can be profoundly helpful.


Together let’s journey into the unloved, unseen, unexplored spaces within us and bring tremendous light, love, presence, connection, acceptance, togetherness, and Spirit to each and every place.


We do this work so we can arrive even more fully into our GREATEST CAPACITY - free, light, and vibrantly alive - which is not available to us when we are weighed down by shadow. Once these places are filled again with light all that once felt impossible becomes totally and completely possible in every aspect of life.

In Person at Breath+Oneness at 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA

$350 or $1150 for four workshops mix and match

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