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To make progress is not to "move forward" it is to make love with everything.

This can feel forwards, backwards, up, down, out, in.

Love moves in all directions.

There are things that feel like you're "moving backwards" that need your love, sometimes desperately.

Fear not that you are losing ground.

Expand truthfully into that you are making peace and touching your self into all places, in all directions, at the same time. 

Forwards and backwards is a myth.

Make peace and let go this sense of directedness. Breathe into all directions. Be comfortable moving into all directions.

Very often "moving backwards" is "moving forwards."

Progress is made by meeting the old shadows.

Nothing is gained by leaving the past in any kind of darkness.

All things are gained when you are omni-directional with your light, your love, your peace, your understanding.

There is more inner territory to be reclaimed.

Often this feels more"backwards" and "inwards" than your culture has you comfortable going.

There is this constant pressure to be "out" and "moving forward."

Let this go as much and fully as you can.

Keep focusing on omni-directionality and bringing your patient love to all things.

Take your time, be slow, do this work well.

Once done well it needs not be done again.

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