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Going Deep:
Into True Empowerment and Masterful Love

Join a committed group of community doing the work together as we dive into all the most important and alive topics of our current journey. We will work into all of them in powerful flowing order: Sovereignty, Visioning, Clarifying, Naming, Softening, Unraveling, Healing, Connecting, Amplifying, Releasing, Loving, Learning, Empowering, Enlivening, and Arriving EVEN MORE FULLY. We will spend the time where it’s needed and support each of us where support is desired most.


Each month will build on the last and it will experience as a cumulative voyage. There will be work assigned between meetings and time will be spent with this work upon next gathering to deepen the understanding of process and integration.


With other committed humans adds richness, depth, magic, and amplification to all of the journeying places. It can magnify every step of the way (read faster, lighter, deeper, fuller, truer, with less effort) due to the felt human experience of love, acknowledgment, acceptance, and inclusion (especially in all of the darker places of self) which are special kinds of magic igniting uplift into all spaces and places.


This group could be especially supportive for you if you’ve: 

  • gotten as far as you know how to go and you’re ready to go further

  • been seeing multiple patterns in your life that you don’t like and you feel really ready to experience something more/better/different/lighter/healthier/more loving

  • done a lot of work by yourself and feel a bit tired (or a lot tired) of “doing the work alone”

  • found some extra sticky places inside of you that aren’t releasing easily

  • hit a “ceiling” in your life with: success, relationship, fulfillment, purpose, understanding, self-love, etc.

  • dug into some extra painful, dark, possibly scary places inside you that you’d prefer to have some companionship with while exploring and healing

  • already gotten a good distance and you aren’t sure where the next levels and layers are for you

  • identified that community, connection, and the felt loving support of other human beings is an important part of your next evolutionary lift


Through myriad exercises, curiosity questions, rich journaling, one-on-one work, mild breathwork, large group work, role playing, reading, exploring, expressing, voicing, movement, and all the other flows that arrive in service to our deepening/expanding selves, we will journey into whatever is asking for attention.


Together we will work into all of your next places. Together we will bring light, love, peace, acceptance, inclusion, and welcome into whatever dark places come. Together we will name and amplify our deepest truest light-filled selves and arrive even more fully into our most alive and resonant YESES.

In Person at Breath+Oneness at 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA

$1150 prepay or $350 monthly

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