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Each one of us has gifts. Very real and very important gifts. And they can only be realized, actualized, and brought to the world when you fully own and accept yourself. If you are in conflict with yourself, your gifts will have trouble coming out.

Your gifts are you, in your true essence, in your magical alchemy of unique self.

They are what come out of you when you let yourself be you. They are what you love, what inspires you, what you feel deeply called to learn, and do, and experience. They are you, and they are what comes out of you when you are most relaxed, and most authentic. Your gifts will naturally pour out of you if you let them come.

All of us are fundamentally healers and helpers. We are here to make things better. We are here to heal ourselves, heal each other, and heal whatever damage we have done. Put your gifts to good use. Let them out. Let them come forward. Apply your heart and your essence to things that feel meaningful and valuable to you. Allow yourself to have purpose and to live within it.

The world needs you, it needs all of your gifts. The world needs you to be you. Just you, only you, all of you. No more hiding, no more judging, no more holding back. Do your work. Heal, love, come forward. Give what you came here to give. Deepen into your entire capacity.

Your gifts will save the world.  Maybe not all by themselves, or maybe all by themselves. Have the courage to let every single one of them out.

There are enough people with enough gifts inborn within them living here on this planet right now to fix every problem we can name.

We have the capacity. We have the ability. Now we have to be brave, and be ourselves, and step forward with our light and our strength and contribute every single one of our unique gifts.

One by one and all together we will fix what needs fixing. We can. We have everything we need, the seeds of all healing are within us. The intelligence, the creativity, the vision, the love. We have every ability we need. Now we bring all of it forward and put it to good and meaningful use.

It starts with you. Let yourself be you, all of you. Let yourself be brave in your visions of change. Feel your heart, feel what it wants to bring and how it wants to help the world, and let it come.

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