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We are not the darkness.
We are passing through it, learning it, loving it, feeling how much fuller our light feels in contrast to what feels opposite. 
We are the light.
There is only Love. Expanding Love. We are remembering.

Leaning into the dark places, we feel them to learn from them and let them fully unwind.
We see them and hear them, to Love even more. 
In deep, compassionate understanding we weave our light through everything we encounter, and become more and more whole because of the ALL of it.

There have been places we forgot we were the light. This is ok and it is time to let go of these holdings, the deep resistances, the old heavy beliefs anchored like stones in our bellies. They are valid and they are not true. It is time to let them go. We have always been the light.

We hear the darkness to bring Love to it. No more, no less. Our greatest work is to not believe the dark as it comes out, no matter how deep, powerful, ancient, solid, and forceful it shows itself. The greater the darkness feels, the greater you summon your own and other Light to your side, all around you, within you, even more, to meet this darkness with Truth: even you, darkness, are light. Even you, darkness, are Source. I see you and bring even more Love to you as you thrash and bellow and howl with your resistance. All things are Source making their way home, and you are too.

Don’t get stuck in the story. Let the story lead you to the wound, and let Love help you heal the places that feel torn, broken, lost, alone, abandoned, despairing, angry, bitter, heavy, dark. All the old pain is unwinding, and this is ok. If usually feels awful, and that’s ok too. All the dark places are ready to be heard and all of it is welcome. Love welcomes everything home. Don’t let your resistance to Love keep you or others stuck in the dark.

Love says: you have been through battle. You feel like you have forgotten who you truly are. Yet you have never forgotten, you’ve only been caked in the dirt of war, which you’ve allowed to confuse you. Stop being confused, remembering is who you are, it is at the core of you. Wash the layers of dirt and war off, and keep washing them off. They aren’t who you ARE they are only who you’ve been, and this forgetting is a part of your journey of remembering. You have always been Love. ALWAYS. And when the darkness presents itself, summon your LIGHT. Empower yourself with Love not the false armor of old war dirt. Your greatest power is your wholeness, and that is inclusion, acceptance, kindness, compassion, understanding, aknowledgment, Truth.

The cycles are becoming whole, and in this wholeness is freedom. Darkness is part of this work, so we become adept at working with the dark and the heavy. We learn that when working with it, we never give away our power, or lose our light. We keep our boundaries, maintain our sovereignty, and keep channeling more and more light. Even when the darkness work is within us, especially when the darkness work is within us.

With greater and greater Love and increasing, expanding light, Carrie

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