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To accept these things that feel unacceptable to you is to let them live in Love. 

It is to surrender them over to Source.

They are not yours to "fix."


In your greatest embodiment of Source, you are not reacting to anything, even (and especially) when it feels necessary or justified. This can be coming from a "good" place yet the action of it is unintegrated and not of the highest.

When accepting things, it is to give them over and let go of them completely. Allow them to inform you how you would like to act and what you would like to offer. Not in reaction. In clean, clear, empowered, love-filled action and choice. Let the "other" be a teacher that helps you remember your own highest action and keep loving the other.

To accept something is not to choose it yourself, it is to let that behavior be of God too. It is to affirm that everything is a piece of learning.

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