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Women’s Work:
Developing Our Yin Energy

This is a weekend for deepening into and developing even more of our divine feminine capacity. Imagine an entire weekend focused on nourishing the part of us that so rarely gets focused loving attention. We will listen deeply and learn to meet ourselves even more in our most tender, important, and alive places.


Modern life keeps us mostly in our masculine, yang energy: focused, determined, action oriented, linear, brain-based, thought-based, with all sorts of to-do lists aimed at progress and success. Staying too long in this place - with an under-developed yin - leaves us undernourished, sharp, edgy, needy, disconnected, searching, and unfulfilled.


Fullness comes from the warm moisture of our yin selves: from our deepest truest heart-truths of our most authentic and feeling selves. It comes from the depths of our being and our most connected places that we only have access to when we are slower, softer, more open, available, and relaxed. Our feeling selves only speak their most important truths when they feel an honest receptivity and willingness to learn and love.


We will give our tenderest places time and support in feeling, exploring, and expressing, and will dedicate ourselves to a full weekend of slowness, softness, richness, and connection. This entire weekend will be an honoring of the delicious feminine within us all and we will delight her by getting ooey-gooey soft, playful, and deep.


The mantra of our yin energy is “down and in” so let us spend two full days of going down and in together in richness, play, laughter, and love.

In Person at Breath+Oneness at 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA

$350 or $1150 for four workshops mix and match

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