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Unwinding the Stories and Beliefs of Your Life

For the closing of the year and for the powerful natural forces of winter, we will do our necessary composting and deep digesting work, providing the wisdom and energy we need for upcoming creational cycles. 


Stories and beliefs wrap around us like bubble wrap “keeping us safe” but ultimately constricting, suffocating, and limiting us by their very existence. This infinite Universe is meant to be explored, enjoyed, expanded into and experienced within infinite possibility and limitless creative potential - which cannot happen when we are wrapped up in anything.


Together we will look at the stories of our lives and dig into the deepest beliefs we have held throughout time. Courageously, we will question every narrative and unravel every myth. What is left, vibrating at the core, is the infinite aliveness, expansive awareness, and exquisitely creative and powerful beingness that we are. 


Be available for journal time, good questions, movement, partner work, big group work, personal expression, and any other practices or flows that arrive in service to your greatest becoming. With this important work we will arrive refreshed, available, and with tremendous amounts of freedom and throughout our beings.

In Person at Breath+Oneness at 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA

$350 or $1150 for four workshops mix and match

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