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The Real Raw


Intimate Conversations with Interesting People


The Real Raw is an in-person conversation program that jumps right into the deep end of our lives and stays there for the duration. We ask all the juicy and most alive questions and open to the awarenesses that follow.


This is a program for sharing vulnerability and aliveness with the world so others can feel supported in their own journey of vulnerability and aliveness, while also augmenting the global conversation and development in themes such as menswork, womenswork, relational alchemy, sexuality and tantra, communication, personal sovereignty, authenticity, and deep personal expression.


It was born out of Carrie's strong desire to make deep, meaningful conversations and the sharing of very personal, intimate parts of our lives more common in the world so that real and authentic connections can be made and grown.

You can also listen to the program as audio-only through these distributors:

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