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Tension or Peace —
How Do You Want  to Live Your Life?

Conflict has ruled planet Earth for millennia. It has embedded itself into the deepest layers of who and how we experience ourselves and our lives to be. It comes in all forms, all types of thoughts, is profoundly immersed in every way we interact with ourselves and each other, and we are usually completely unconscious of how conflict continues to move our lives towards ever greater disconnection, stress, unhappiness, and difficulty.


Physical tension is often at the base of conflict structures within us. We typically hold tremendous amounts of tension in our stomachs, deeper bellies, and in the musculature of our hips. This tension mirrors the “fight or flight” energy we thought we had to hold throughout our lives to “stay safe”, “be ready for anything”, and protect ourselves from anything in life that might threaten us on some level (including emotional, mental, or spiritual).


In contrast, physical softness, openness, receptivity and relaxation on foundation levels support infinite new experiences in life that tend towards warmth, connection, deeper understanding, joy, play, and learning.


Our bodies can be physically strong, fit, and vital while still being soft, open, receptive, and flowing on foundational levels. 


Unwinding conflict structures - which always stem from disconnection - and rewriting our neural networks with experiences of peace, joy, deep and rich connection to self and “other”, rememberings of freedom, joy, release, greater kindness and understanding, and the full experience of Sovereignty is the work that brings lasting relaxation and choice to us in our every moment.


We are in the process of unwinding “otherness” in every pocket of our lives, and once it is fully unwound, we will be free, loving, and powerful in every place of life.

In Person at Breath+Oneness at 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA

$350 or $1150 for four workshops mix and match

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