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You are a powerful creator.

Everything you think, say, and do matters.

Learn about how Karma works so you can make it work for you.

What is Karma  

Karma is a Law of the Universe.  You can’t run away from it, get around it, or trick it. It’s like gravity. It just is, and you have to learn to work with it.

Most people think of Karma as a negative thing, which it isn’t. Karma is completely neutral. It simply states that what you create comes back to you. Or, what you reap you sow.  Or, what goes around comes around. Or, what you give is what you get. There are lots of different ways to say it because humans have been trying to describe karma for a very long time. The main point is, however you say it,

       Karma is real and it affects us daily.

What you have chosen in the past is now catching up to you, and what you are choosing now is what your future will be made of. This Universe is about creation and about choice, and for every action there is a reaction.

Karma is very specific. If you are dishonest, dishonesty will follow you.  If you are appreciative, appreciation will surround you.  If you steal, people will steal from you.  If you give, people will give back. Be very clear about what you are choosing.

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The Three Parts Of Karma 

1. Consciousness
The first part of karma work is becoming conscious and fully present in the now moment. Every now moment is when you begin the rest of your life. In every now moment you can heal patterns of the past and choose something totally new.

2. Healing
The second part of karma work is healing. Heavy stuff in your life is created from old negative beliefs and unhealed wounds. All of it is rooted in the lie of separation. When we heal this stuff we bring everything back to the wholeness of Love and are able to experience peace and freedom again.

3. Creation
The third part of karma work is creation. We envision and name that which we wish to experience. We step fully into manifestation by focusing our energies entirely upon what we desire to create. This is mastery work.


The most basic lesson of karma is you create everything in your life.

Step into awareness and see your patterns and your choices. See that your deepest beliefs about life create your life. Get courageous and be fully honest about your darkest stuff because that’s what’s creating the experiences you aren’t enjoying.

Work with other people to identify your old heavy stuff and bring Love to it. Work with other people to gain consciousness and choice throughout your life. We are a community and we can support each other through this process of uplift.

See the wheels of karma turning everywhere. Empower yourself and others to choose that which you truly wish to choose.  Be brave, be kind, and most of all, be really really honest.

Love and light to all of us everywhere,



Channeled from high-level Spirit and combined with Carrie’s wisdom from over ten years of working as a medium, this book is packed with information, tools, and insight into one of the most relevant and important topics of our day.

What have you come here to learn?

What are you here to do?

Who are you becoming?

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