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Death to Fantasy to Bring Life to Sovereignty — Reclaiming Your Energy for Power and Purpose

For our next round of Sovereignty work we will go even further and deeper into who you are in your truest truth, your most loving love, your scariest fears, and the deepest holdings we can access in the beingness that is you.


Our yearning is what brings us to our greatest aliveness - and most often these are our deepest places of pain that are wrapped up in stories of “what ifs” and “if onlys” and “once this happens then…” and all the other conditions that keep our deepest heart desires away from us and trapped in some idea of otherness.


We must crumble all the fairy castles of our lives - that keep our dreams some where off in some other tower - to sit with ourselves in the rubble of truth. There is no hero in our life other than self. There is no magic formula that will make it all “perfect”. If we really want to experience what we really want in life: there is no one other than self to build it and no place other than here and now to start. On this exact spot with these exact foundations. Nothing more, nothing less.


What fear comes up? What pain? What unraveling of story that kept the castle so perfectly yet so painfully built? 


In Sovereignty we create the lives we want for ourselves. We get clear with all of our yeses and we start building. We spend time with our balanced feminine and masculine energies and synergize our efforts with clarity, richness, and purpose. 


All of your energy trapped in fantasy is keeping you where you are now. Do you want to stay here or do you want to experience something new?

In Person at Breath+Oneness at 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA

$350 or $1150 for four workshops mix and match

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