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Classes I Teach:


Connecting to Spirit

at Breath+Oneness in Capitola, Ca.

This class is devoted to connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and other highly developed helper beings of light. We practice opening, listening, hearing, and integrating that which Spirit has to show us and teach us.

Connecting to Spirit begins with music to raise the vibration of ourselves and the room, which then moves into discussion about various topics of safe and powerful spirit connection.

Carrie presents teachings on how to navigate spirit connection, with tips and tools that she’s learned over the past almost 20 years of mediumship.

The circle closes with a 30 minute meditation where participants practice sitting, listening, feeling, and developing greater and greater openness, receptivity, and relationship with Spirit.

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Source Is All There Is
Ground Into Mother Earth
Be Here Now
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Let All Your Chakras Flow

Welcome fellow traveler. My name is Carrie Arlah, and I work with people for a minimum of 3 months {12 meetings} meeting one time per week. Ideally we work for at least a year together. After the first three months, meetings can shift to every other week as the foundation of understanding and practice is in place. 

Our work together will focus on:

  • Us as spiritual beings

  • Increased awareness and consciousness

  • Creating your practice toolkit

  • Developing your self-care list and commitments

  • Reviewing basic principles and skills, such as oneness, self-responsibility, free will, sovereignty, command, boundaries, balance, and transcendence

  • Naming the karmic cycles, the “stories” you have been perpetuating 

  • Affirming what you want to be creating

  • Daily practice

There will be daily and weekly reading and homework. You are committing yourself to study and practice, which will exponentially support your process of waking up and living within your excellence.

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Soul Coaching


Where are you at in your life? Where are you going? Where do you want to be going? 

Together we ask all the important questions and see what arises within you and for you.

What wants to be acknowledged? What wants to be cleared? What are your biggest, clearest yeses?


Fill out this intake form and send it to me here.

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Hands-On Healing


What's flowing inside of you? What wants to move?

I mirror to you that every "difficulty" or "disease" is pointing the way home.

What is ready to be named? What is ready to be released? Where can LOVE live even more?

Together we support the healing of your blood lines and move stuckness and holding out of the body.

How much can you give yourself over to this impulse? 

Fill out this intake form and send it to me here.

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Let us journey together.

See pricing options here:


"Carrie has been one of the greatest gifts in my life.  I came to her because I kept repeating harmful patterns.

 I’ve tried other forms of therapy but couldn’t release them. I felt stuck and unable to help myself.  I could feel my own potential, but I was unable to actualize it because of my fears and mental programming.  That’s why I reached out to Carrie.

Carrie got to the root of the issues straight away and cleared cleared cleared.  She’s like an adventurer in an overgrown forest with a machete, clearing a path to You, to your light, so that you can live in your light. We’ve worked together every week over the phone for four months, and during that time my life has done a 180.

For the first time, I am beginning to feel like MYSELF. I am clear, confident, relaxed, sure of what I want, embracing all of me, and unconcerned about what others think of me. All the old fears and programming are cleared or being cleared, and I am spring-boarding into the next phase of my life, which is charged with adventure.


The growth has been painless, and astounding.  It’s like shedding old skin. The reason it’s painless is because Carrie works with the energies of love. She creates a sacred space filled with love and openness, and she has a deep understanding of and compassion for human nature.  She gives practical advice for grounding what’s been done in the session to help you become aware of your own changes. If you want answers, Truth, and results, call Carrie."     –Bridget F.


"Carrie is truly incredible. She is a tremendously clear and compassionate source of grace, support, guidance, and patience. She deeply understands the nature of life transitions and very skillfully and kindly guides you through and into spaces ready to be embraced. I find it very easy and natural to work with her. Her communication is simple to understand and she is very adept at finding ways to relate different aspects of whatever you may be moving through. She is very prompt, professional, attentive, and a wonderful listener. Carrie truly cares and doesn’t take short cuts. I highly recommend working with Carrie for unbiased guidance and incredibly kind and loving support. I feel she is able to help you with anything you may be moving through and guide one to a deeper place of perspective. She is also a wonderful cheerleader and incredibly supportive when you need confirmation that you’re on the right path! I whole heartedly recommend Carrie."

–Whitney K.

"My best word for her work is empowering. She quickly separates the gray fog from the light in your life, and clarifies your actions, relationships and behavior by explaining your karma. I have felt a notable difference in myself the day after her sessions each time."     –D. Archer

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