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Classes I Teach:


Connecting to Spirit

at Breath+Oneness in Capitola, Ca.

This class is devoted to connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and other highly developed helper beings of light. We practice opening, listening, hearing, and integrating that which Spirit has to show us and teach us.

Connecting to Spirit begins with music to raise the vibration of ourselves and the room, which then moves into discussion about various topics of safe and powerful spirit connection.

Carrie presents teachings on how to navigate spirit connection, with tips and tools that she’s learned over the past almost 20 years of mediumship.

The circle closes with a 30 minute meditation where participants practice sitting, listening, feeling, and developing greater and greater openness, receptivity, and relationship with Spirit.



Source Is All There Is
Ground Into Mother Earth
Be Here Now
Let All Your Chakras Flow

Welcome fellow traveler. My name is Carrie Arlah, and I work with people for a minimum of 3 months {12 meetings} meeting one time per week. Ideally we work for at least a year together. After the first three months, meetings can shift to every other week as the foundation of understanding and practice is in place. 

Our work together will focus on:

  • Us as spiritual beings

  • Increased awareness and consciousness

  • Creating your practice toolkit

  • Developing your self-care list and commitments

  • Reviewing basic principles and skills, such as oneness, self-responsibility, free will, sovereignty, command, boundaries, balance, and transcendence

  • Naming the karmic cycles, the “stories” you have been perpetuating 

  • Affirming what you want to be creating

  • Daily practice

There will be daily and weekly reading and homework. You are committing yourself to study and practice, which will exponentially support your process of waking up and living within your excellence.

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