Carrie has been one of the greatest gifts in my life.  I came to her because I kept repeating harmful patterns; I’ve tried other forms of therapy but couldn’t release them. I felt stuck and unable to help myself.  I could feel my own potential, but I was unable to actualize it because of my fears and mental programming.  That’s why I reached out to Carrie.

Carrie got to the root of the issues straight away and cleared cleared cleared.  She’s like an adventurer in an overgrown forest with a machete, clearing a path to You, to your light, so that you can live in your light. We’ve worked together every week over the phone for four months, and during that time my life has done a180.

For the first time, I am beginning to feel like MYSELF. I am clear, confident, relaxed, sure of what I want, embracing all of me, and unconcerned about what others think of me. All the old fears and programming are cleared or being cleared, and I am spring-boarding into the next phase of my life, which is charged with adventure.  

The growth has been painless, and astounding.  It’s like shedding old skin. The reason it’s painless is because Carrie works with the energies of love. She creates a sacred space filled with love and openness, and she has a deep understanding of and compassion for human nature.  She gives practical advice for grounding what’s been done in the session to help you become aware of your own changes.

If you want answers, Truth, and results, call Carrie.

–Bridget F.

Carrie is not only one of the most specific mediums I have seen, she is also without doubt the most gifted and compassionate conduit of past life and karma healing I have ever met, and as a spiritual healer myself I have met many. She is one of the few spiritual ambassadors my own spirit guides trust.

–J. Archer

Carrie is an unusually gifted medium and energy worker. She seems to be able to operate on at least two levels at once; as a speaker for spirit using the perfect words and questions to focus clearly on what is arising and also as a conduit of powerful spiritual energy. She is also consistently positive, affirming and encouraging. After my appointment with Carrie, I feel clearer, lighter and my heart feels much more open and receptive. Twice, I’ve experienced powerful energy shifts as some of my prejudices and old hurts have fallen away. She not only points a person in the right direction, she also gives her clients specific tools in the form of insights and “to do” exercises that will continue the work done either over the phone or in person. Carrie is highly skilled and deeply intuitive; and apart from that, she’s also a lovely person ! If you’d like help growing more fully into the loving and beautiful person you are, then I would highly recommend a session with her.

–Lynda S.

Carrie is truly incredible. She is a tremendously clear and compassionate source of grace, support, guidance, and patience. She deeply understands the nature of life transitions and very skillfully and kindly guides you through and into spaces ready to be embraced. I find it very easy and natural to work with her. Her communication is simple to understand and she is very adept at finding ways to relate different aspects of whatever you may be moving through. She is very prompt, professional, attentive, and a wonderful listener. Carrie truly cares and doesn’t take short cuts. I highly recommend working with Carrie for unbiased guidance and incredibly kind and loving support. I feel she is able to help you with anything you may be moving through and guide one to a deeper place of perspective. She is also a wonderful cheerleader and incredibly supportive when you need confirmation that you’re on the right path! I whole heartedly recommend Carrie.

–Whitney K.

Carrie is really amazing! She is an excellent communicator and very easy to work with. I highly recommend her thoughtful, kind, and loving approach. She helped me more in one hour than anyone I have met. I give her an A+.

–Linda H.

I was at a cross roads in my life when a serious health condition and modern medicine could only help to a point.  I’ve always been spiritual and thought maybe I should embrace this avenue. Thank goodness I did. Only good things have happened since I incorporated modern medicine with alternative opportunities. Carrie had been instrumental in this process. She is warm, and sincerely interested in doing what she can. She has made a significant difference in my life. I highly recommend her as resource in what ever your life questions are.  She is amazing!

–Lauren U.

Carrie is an absolute gem.  So kind and loving.  She is extremely gifted.  I was struggling with a toxic divorce and an unexpected death in my family as well as reinventing myself with a new career.  She helped me to find clarity and direction during an extremely difficult time in my life.  She empowers you to focus on the positive in so many things.  With the help of her guides and yours, she brings light into dark spaces and helps you to see the big picture.  I would recommend Carrie to anyone who needs immediate assistance in transitioning through a difficult time.

–Eli P.

I took my Mom to see Carrie because my sister died over a year ago.  I must say my Mom was very satisfied with her work. I myself felt some strong energy the moment I sat down. She provided extremely comfortable surroundings.  Carrie hit on five or six points that had to deal directly with my sister.  More importantly she assisted my Mom with a spiritual healing in letting go of my sisters death. Like I said my Mom left fully satisfied and said she definitely wants to see her again.

–Star L.

I was having difficulty coping with the passing of my Mom.  Her sudden death from pneumonia left me unprepared and dealing with the huge vacancy in my life that was my Mom. I was also very uncomfortable with the death process itself as it was administered in the hospital.

Carrie provided the medium for Mom to come and talk to me about how the experience was for her.  She knew how much I was struggling, and wanted me to let go and let us both be in peace.  She told me that her death was just what she needed and she was very happy with how it all went (at the hospital).

There are really no words to describe how healing it was for me to talk to Mom, and I am so very thankful for Carrie to have been available to help us.  I have felt so much better ever since it is like I was given a new start.  

I definitely recommend Carrie for anyone who needs to get closure, or help, or support  from the important people in their life that have already passed.

–Leslie W.

Through several thoughtful, in-depth meetings with Carrie, I was quickly able to identify lifelong patterns and begin to address these issues. It was more impactful and more valuable than any other counseling I had sought. But what I didn’t expect – an added blessing – was to be able to connect with my late grandmother. She was always a sort of spiritual teacher to me, and our connection was strong. What I experienced in my sessions with Carrie can only be described as a miracle, as my grandmother used Carrie’s guidance to speak to me in ways that only she could. It underscored the work I was doing, and complemented the things I was learning on my journey of growth and healing. I would recommend working with Carrie for anyone who wants to find or nurture a part of themselves that’s been lost, or even undiscovered.

–K. Lefman

Knowing Carrie is a true blessing. I’ve been working with her for a couple of years now, and these have been the best years of my life. She helped me move on from being stuck in a situation from my past, and helps me remember why I’m here. When I have questions or need advice/guidance/or closure, Carrie has endless amounts of knowledge and wisdom and she offers it so lovingly. Her messages from spirit have brought me peace and clarity.  I have friends who met Carrie only once (a few not at all) who were amazed with how much she knew/could read about them and how accurate her messages were about their situation.

–N. Landau

Prior to seeing Carrie, I had been struggling with a myriad of self-limiting emotions and beliefs. I felt very lost and chaotic. After a few sessions with Carrie I felt as though I had a much better sense of purpose and direction. Her messages were dead on, so much so in fact it felt surreal.  Her passion for helping others is radiant and I can say with conviction that her work has completely changed my outlook on myself and my way of thinking.

–N. Raffoul

My best word for her work is empowering. She quickly separates the gray fog from the light in your life, and clarifies your actions, relationships and behavior by explaining your karma. I have felt a notable difference in myself the day after her sessions each time.

–D. Archer