I am currently teaching 7 classes throughout the week at Breath+Oneness in Capitola, CA. Each class is drop-in and $10-20 sliding scale. Come join us and journey into and through yourself and Spirit.

Monday 12-1:30pm

Connecting To Your Higher Self

Bring a journal and your willingness to open, listen, and remember.

Your higher self has a wealth of wisdom, remembering, and presence to share with you. In this class we open to this higher aspect of self and allow it to live more fully within us.

We open with music and a guided meditation. Then we discuss, explore, and discover what Highest Self is and how to connect more with it. We practice exercises of opening and connecting, listening and receiving, and then sit for a 10 minute silent meditation.

After meditating, we journal what has come through us as well as what is currently moving through. Then we share with each other whatever we feel comfortable sharing, as voicing energies out loud helps our process unfold.

Come practice opening with us, listening deeply, and allowing highest insight to fill our bodies, hearts, and minds. Through this process we experience deep and rich connection to ourselves and with others.

Tuesday 5-6:30pm & Wednesday 9-10:30am

Feeling Your Feelings

This class is about the flow of feelings and growing familiarity and comfort with them so you can navigate emotionality with strength, grace, and ease. Our feelings are a highly important part of who we are and who we are becoming; they help guide us to our truth and to our desire, both of which are essential to path and purpose. Come learn about the world of feelings; how to name them, flow them, and work with them well. Practice exercises that help you get to the heart of any matter and move forward with clarity and strength. Get emotionally healthy so that the rest of you can thrive.

Wednesday 12-1:30pm & Saturday 10:30-11:45am

Coming Home To Self

You are the most important thing in your life. When you are thriving your life thrives, when you are suffering your life suffers. Come back to your primary role and responsibility: taking best care of you. Come learn even more and deeper who you are and what you need to thrive. Explore basic through advanced techniques of self care in all aspects of your being: body, heart, mind, and spirit, and how all of you can work together in vibrant wholeness.

In every meetup we will cover some of these topics:

– Your energy and how it flows best

– The importance of your uniqueness

– How to live strongly from your center

– Feeling connected and nourished at all times

– Honesty and authenticity

– How to find your most resonant truth

– Working with Love

– The importance of presence and how to live more fully within it

– Taking care of your body

– Feeling your feelings in healthy ways

– Only using your brain when it is truly needed

– How to discern and create healthy boundaries with others

– Living within your purpose

– Dedicating your self to self-care

– Showing up in the world as your greatest give

We will sing, explore, journal, share, breathe, ask, listen, express, and develop our most healthy and alive selves together.

Friday 12-1:30pm

Connecting To The Divine

Bring a journal and your desire to open, flow, and grow.

The Divine has many different names, and in this class we will grow our deep and fertile connection to this well of love, peace, wisdom, strength, creativity, and all that is.

Most of us experience different forms of disconnection from Source and this circle is dedicated to dissolving away any disconnection while strengthening, deepening, and enriching all experiences of connection.

We begin with music and brief discussion, followed by practicing ways of opening, allowing, and feeling into connecting with Source. We then go through guided meditation, a bit of sharing and reflection, and then into an even deeper silent meditation.

After our silent meditation we journal, reflecting on anything that has come through, and then we share with each other anything that feels important to share.

Our intention is to feel deeply connected, refreshed, and enlivened within every class and every moment.

Saturday 12-1:30pm

Connecting To Spirit

This class is devoted to connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and other highly developed helper beings of light.

We practice opening, listening, hearing, and integrating that which Spirit has to show us and teach us.

We begin with music to raise the vibration of ourselves and the room, and then we flow into discussion about various topics of safe and powerful spirit connection.

I present teachings on how to navigate spirit connection, with tips and tools that I’ve learned over the past almost 20 years of mediumship.

We then flow into a 30 minute meditation where we practice sitting, listening, feeling, and developing greater and greater openness, receptivity, and relationship with Spirit.

After our meditation we share what feels powerful to share, and ask any questions that might have arisen.

We close with breath, song, final prayer, and healthy grounded exit.

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