Trust This Process

Trust this process: of opening, unwinding, unfurling, and expanding into your deeper, truer, and more alive inner capacity. Keep opening. It’s messy, and gushes and sometimes feels unbearable. Keep breathing. And going deeper. More and more inside, into the core of light and truth and deep surrendered trust and union into self held within the… Read More

What do you value?

  What do you value as an individual? What do we value as a culture? Where do you/we put our time/energy and where can we make some different choices that are more in alignment with what we truly value?

How To Heal Karma

Healing karma is actually not that difficult. We can make it difficult – by hemming and hawing over things, dragging our feet, or otherwise being resistant to growth or change – but fundamentally, healing karma is natural and easy. And it makes us lighter. Happier. Healthier. So why wouldn’t we want to do it? Healing… Read More

Get out of your own way.
Clear the baggage.
Step into a freer, lighter, happier you.

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