How To Heal Karma

Healing karma is actually not that difficult. We can make it difficult – by hemming and hawing over things, dragging our feet, or otherwise being resistant to growth or change – but fundamentally, healing karma is natural and easy. And it makes us lighter. Happier. Healthier. So why wouldn’t we want to do it? Healing… Read More

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned As A Medium, 2015

Being a psychic medium is pretty amazing, all things considered.  Here is what I’ve learned in 2015 that I think is worth passing on. 1.  We Have The Power When it comes to working with spirits, those of us who have physical bodies have all the power. We don’t have to be afraid of ghosts,… Read More

On Merit

Greetings and Blessings to you all.  I am God, the Creator, the All That Is; as I’ve said before you can call me whatever suits you best.  Remember, please, that I am you and you are me and all of us are One and what I am writing here today is active and alive for… Read More

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