My Journey

People ask me all the time: “Have you always had this gift?” and my answer is “yes and no”. I’ve always been an empath, I’ve always been able to sense everything around me intuitively. Yet working with Spirit has taken time, dedication, and lots of trial and error. Plus, it’s forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

Talking to dead people and spirits is not “normal” to our current society by any stretch of the imagination.  

I shut it out for most of my life. But it is important. Very, very important.

In The Beginning

I started my talks with Spirit in Los Angeles over twelve years ago. There is a church there called the Spiritualist Center and they focus on mediumship, healing, and connecting people to Spirit. Every Sunday I would sit with the mediumship group and learn more about how everything worked. What came through those sessions stays with me to this day because it was so powerful.

For a long time I kept my channel open only to my spirit guides. What came through in those initial writings was so true, so wise, so helpful, and so loving that I couldn’t deny the power and importance of this connection. Sometimes I’d go for months without connecting but whenever I went back my guides were there with wisdom and encouragement.

In 2011 my grandmother died and for me it was a peaceful experience. I could feel her the whole time, on both sides of the veil.  It was seamless. I didn’t actually expect it but as soon as she passed she was talking to me the way my spirit guides talk to me, and I could hear her and feel her as if she were sitting next to me. After a few months she convinced me to have a pow-wow with my mom because there were some things they needed to talk about. I was skeptical, and nervous, but we did it. For my mom, it was transformative and magical. She convinced me to offer my services as a medium to other people because she felt the work was so powerful and needed in the world.

My Practice

Over the past few years I have gotten increasingly good at connecting to all manifestations of Spirit. Passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, even God/Source are all open channels for me. It is such a blessing.

Spirit, for me, is just another reality of life.

It is an important and missing piece of our modern culture.

Over these years I have also developed a lot of experience and wisdom around the topic of Karma. It is something I am very passionate about because it has a lot to teach us. It has meant a great deal to my own healing journey and it has been a key factor in the work I do with other people. Karma is all about healing, creation, and harnessing the power of your choices, which are the main subjects I love working in.

Thank you for getting to know me and learning about my work. I look forward to working together sometime soon!


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Clear the baggage.
Step into a freer, lighter, happier you.

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