Welcome. My name is Carrie Arlah and I am a spiritual guide and coach. I work with people for a minimum of 3 months (12 meetings), meeting one time per week either in person or virtually. I support transformation through the development of strong and loving relationship with all of life. Through inquiry, exploration, and deep discovery, the greater path emerges.   Light and love to you on your journey.

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What is a Karma Coach?

We deep dive into you as the spiritual creator that you are, into the light, the shadow, and everything else. We take detailed inventory of the you as you are now and envision thoroughly the you as you are choosing to become. We bring compassionate awareness to all things, remembering, learning, and evolving past all historical limitations. This work is about empowerment, highest health, consciousness, freedom, and the ability to make all of your choices in alignment with the highest good.

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I am a mother, teacher, author, healer, lover, evolutionary, and community builder. I am here on planet Earth at this time to heal my own self as thoroughly as possible, and to help others do their healing so that we can all take care of this planet the way our spirits are calling us to. Healing comes from the same root word as whole and holy, and that, to me, is what healing is all about. Remembering our wholeness and that all things are holy, including everything within ourselves and all of life. In this remembering of wholeness and holiness, we become more and more at peace, and this peace enables us to make increasingly healthy choices for ourselves, each other, and how we interact with this planet.

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The Great Book of Karma

Channeled from high-level Spirit and combined with Carrie’s wisdom from over ten years of working as a medium, this book is packed with information, tools, and insight into one of the most relevant and important topics of our day.

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Write me a note here and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can, or you can also call (408) 375-8850 for a brief chat. I look forward to connecting with you!

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