Welcome. My name is Carrie Arlah and I am a spiritual intuitive, healer, channel, and guide. I help people heal and move forward in their lives with greater peace and clarity. Please explore my site and If you have any questions write me a note. Light and love to you on your journey.

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What is a Karma Coach?

I help you make things better. We clear old stuff that's been getting in your way, and bring in the higher and lighter possibilities of your life. You move forward feeling better, lighter, freer, and more connected to peace, joy, and love.

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I began this journey as a healer over fifteen years ago, when I opened the doors to my spirit guides and began communicating with the larger Universe. My relationship with and commitment to working with Spirit has strengthened and deepened every moment since. I am an empath; I can feel everything. I use this and keen intuition to navigate through the work that needs to be done. My guides, your guides, the highest helpers and Creator/Source all facilitate the transformation and healing that takes place within our sessions and their input plays a great role in Knowing how best to serve you.

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Get out of your own way.
Clear the baggage.
Step into a freer, lighter, happier you.

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The Great Book of Karma

Channeled from high-level Spirit and combined with Carrie’s wisdom from over ten years of working as a medium, this book is packed with information, tools, and insight into one of the most relevant and important topics of our day.

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Write me a note here and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can, or you can also call (408) 375-8850 for a brief chat. I look forward to connecting with you!

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